5 AC Maintenance Tips For MO Homeowners

Staying comfortable isn’t just about comfort levels. It’s an overall safety issue. With the heat and humidity here in Blue Springs, MO area and the increasing temperatures having a well-performing AC unit is very important.

In the Jackson County area, for example, the temperature in July and August averages about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. With a temperature that high, the temperature in your home can quickly reach dangerous levels for humans and pets. High temperatures also cause more wear and tear on electronics and other household appliances.

Another health concern when the humidity in your home is high due to an AC system not properly functioning is mold and mildew growth. This can lead to various health issues.

Who doesn’t wish to relax in a cool and quiet home? Keeping your air conditioning working properly can be simple if you follow these steps.

AC Tips:

  1. Make Sure to Change your air filter. Your HVAC unit comes equipped with air filters to catch dust, hair, and other allergens. These filters prevent those contaminants from interfering with your HVAC unit’s smooth operation. Over time, your air filter becomes clogged, which can cause an air conditioning unit to ice up. Keeping air filters clean can improve an air conditioning unit’s performance and can help prevent other costly repairs to your condenser unit or fan. Remember to swap out air filters often to maintain a unit’s performance.
  2. Bushes, Plants, Leaves, or other blockages – Your AC unit requires unobstructed airflow to function at its peak capacity. As plants, flowers, grass, or shrubs grow near the AC unit, they cause interference with the airflow. In turn, this will raise the workload on the AC unit. So, make sure to check for any grass, brush, or shrubbery encroaching on the air conditioning unit and remove it. Consistent airflow will guarantee your unit runs more efficiently. That results in a better home cooling unit for you.
  3. Drain Line Normally off the central unit in the home – The drain line for your air conditioner must clear any moisture from the condenser so it can function correctly. If the pipe gets clogged from debris or growth like algae, it can severely impact your AC unit’s performance.
  4. Turn up the temperature when you leave them home. There is no reason to have your AC unit chugging away if no one is home. Getting a programmable thermostat could mean huge savings,
  5. Have a professional check and clean the system. A check-up on what most refer to as low freon to cleaning the coils so the unit can do what it is designed to do. The coils become clogged with dirt and leaves due to sitting outside year-round; cleaning these yourself can cause damage. Checking to ensure the correct level of refrigerant – Puron (R-410A), which used to be known as freon (R-22) is in your system. Low refrigerant levels can cause your system to work harder and may even cause the compressor to go out, leading to high repair costs.

In conclusion, regular AC maintenance and repair is crucial for running your system smoothly and efficiently. By following the tips in this article, you can help to ensure that your AC unit lasts for years to come.

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