Shower Repair and Installation Services

Handy as Pocket on Shirt, LLC plumbing specialists provide top-of-the-line shower installation and shower repair services, including leaks, unclogging shower drains, new shower installation, replacement, and leak repair in the Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit area.

Tip for Cleaning your Showerhead:

The ugly white material is from hard water builds ups on your showerhead, turning a nice-looking shower head into an eyesore.

Step 1: Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar halfway, preferably something like a sandwich bag.

Step 2: Secure the bag over the shower head, ensuring the build-up gets submerged in the white vinegar. You can use a twist tie or rubber band to secure it and leave it overnight.

Step 3: Next day, remove the bag gently, so you don’t get the white vinegar on you. Then use an old toothbrush to remove the loosened deposits.

This should let you clean it easily, removing all the old hard water buildup.

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